Guérisseurs, au-delà du secret (Healers, beyond their secrets)
A remarkable number of French seek help and advice not from doctors, but from those thought to be long gone; a look at the roles and hidden realms of healers in France.
90 minutes // France 3
  Bienvenue dans la vraie vie des femmes (Welcome to the REAL world of Women)
Inequality and pressure: an honest look at the daily lives of women in France....on the breaking point.
52 minutes // CANAL+
  Je suis dans l’oubli (I am in the Forgotten)
A group of North African men must take up temporary residence so that their dilpatitated Parisian apartment can finally be rebuilt, ushering in a reflection on their dual lives.
60 minutes // Public Senat
Wiz, a young rapper from the Bronx, leaves prison to go home. Home to the same neighborhood that tuned him into a ganster..

55 minutes // France 3, Planète, RTBF, Radio-Canada TV
Prix du meilleur documentaire, jury AFJ.....

  Agnès Poirier La dernière moisson (The Last Harvest)
My parents, farmers in Burgandy, are on the verge of retirement.
None of us, their five children, want to take over the farm.
A first-hand look at a last harvest.

30 minutes // France 3
  Agnès Poirier L’usine désenchantée (The Factory of Lost Illusions)
46 factory workers at Renault find themselves defendants in court for having stood up for one of their co-workers. A confilct that frustrates the older workers while firing up the younger ones.

52 minutes // TV 10 Angers// Festival d’Uzeste, Festival Résonances...
  Dogs, les années électriques (Dogs, the Electric Years)
The sudden death of the lead singer of the Dogs, a legendary 80s rock band from Britanny, sends friends on a retrospective looks at their youth.

26 minutes // France 3.
  La vie après ( Life After)
A young Norman farmer takes his life.
His friends and family confront this loss and find ways to move on from the morass, to create new lives after.

40 minutes // Arte, France 3, Prix « meilleure image » Figra 2003
  Ca passe ou ça casse (It's Make-it-or-Break-it Time)
When working conditions resonate in the body or the head.
A look at menially skilled workers and how their health is affected.

26 minutes // France 5
  Histoires de cœur (Stories from the Heart) 
In the cardiology unit at a hospital in Nantes, a city in the west of France, doctors take care of today's patients while researching tomorrow's medicine: cellular therapy, genetics, new inroads in R&D.....

52 minutes // France 3
  Dialogue avec la mer (Conversations with the Sea)
World renowned sailboarder Raphaëla Le Gouvello takes off from Australia in the hopes of doing what no sailboarder has done before: going solo and unassisted across the Indian Ocean.

52 minutes
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